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The exclusive representative in Israel of the world’s leading machinery companies.

the combination of advanced technology and reliable, efficient and fast service bring the result of satisfied customers for many years !

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Over 15 Years Of Experience

The company is managed by Elinor Amar.Elinor engaged in the sale of machinery for the past 15 years, with technological support and professional, reliable ,efficient logistic management of the process of buying and selling equipment in Israel and abroad.ELM GROUP is the exclusive representative of AKIRA SEIKI TAIWAN and GROB WERKE GERMANY in Israel.

What We Are Best Of?

ELM GROUP provides combination of advanced and effective solutions to every customer from small workshops to large factories.ELM GROUP performs a used machines deals around the world and has the knowledge and connections to sell used equipment abroad and come abroad.


ELM GROUP provides it's customers maximum servise, electronic and mechanical, and spare parts.The service conducted nationwide , in short response times.The aim is to give the customer scope of solutions to aloow him to operate a minimum engagment and maintenance of the machines, in the highest cost - effective way.

What Are We Doing?

The company provides service solutions to enterprises dealing with metal working machinery computerized machining (CNC) nationwide and short response times.

We have established an extensive and unique service that spans the two branches in Israel, one in Haifa Bay and the other in Israel center, Rosh Hayin

In both branches stock spare parts range and most advanced equipment. If the desired part is not in stock, we will deliver it as quickly as possible from a variety of our suppliers worldwide.

Hours: Office – Sun-Thurs – 08: 00-17: 00

Service – Sunday – Thursday – 08: 00-18: 00

In urgent cases of a disabled machine please contact Elinor – 052-7444954


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Years Of Experience

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Dear Customer, 
We in ELM GROUP,  believe that we are the line connecting your wishes to your needs.
In order to give you the perfect solution we built a reliable, available, accessible and courteous service network.
We have a stock of spare parts available and if the necessary spare part is not in our stock, we will provide it to you as quickly as possible from variety of our suppliers around the world. We see you as an active partner and your success is our success too!
We stand at your disposal for any question or matter!

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ELM GROUP was established in 2010 with the vision to provide renewed advantages in the CNC machining and chip processing industry.

We emphasize that the field of CNC machines in Israel is considered to be the most advanced in the world in terms of technological production, precision, devices  and parts complexity.

This aspect is reflected in the combination of 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis and  combined milling- turning  technology with 5 axis machine.

With the establishment of ELM it was decided to combine second hand machines while providing service and accompaniment to customers as a new machine.

Second hand machines are a unique field that provides the customer with immediate delivery solutions in a variety of ways: CNC turning, integrated turning, C axis milling,  Y axis milling, CNC milling from 3 axis to 5 axis, and more.

CNC machines can combine automation and robotics through perfect integration.

At the same time ELM GROUP established a marketing and branding system for new CNC machines in Israel.

AKIRA SEIKI TAIWAN – RMV250RT model – 5 axis CNC machining center with build in rotary table made in Japan – manufacturer warranty.

This CNC milling machine has brought precise, efficient and innovative advantages in 5-axis CNC in parts up to 250 mm.

MICROCUT – BUFFALO – MCU-5X – Simultaneous 5-axis machining center  in Taiwan.

The price of this 5-axis machine  is an unprecedented price relative to the return received.

HAIDENHAIN controller -the number 1 control in the world for 5 simultaneous axis.

HAIDENHAIN scales in all axis  – for maximum precision in 5-axis milling

Spindle 18,000 rpm made in Germany – KESSLER, the world leader in CNC milling,

The world’s most advanced measuring system that includes a kinematic coordinate system,
Laser measuring instruments,
60 tools with tool holder  HSK-63
A powerful  chip flushing and removal system combined with quick and efficient chip switching,
Working volume of 600 mm

And the service !!!! Our service is different from any competitor in the field of CNC milling in that our machines are sold with two years warranty !!

GROB – A revolutionary solution for CNC milling in 5 axis !!!

A compact, highly powerful CNC milling machine, faster than any competitor in the Israeli CNC milling field.
A unique CNC milling machine for 5 axis, with a working volume of 600 mm  at least!!!
Ability to work in tool lengths – 365 mm / 465 mm / 550 mm or more depending on the model.
The world’s most advanced testing and measurement system includes kinematics, laser tools testing, optical parts measurement,
The magazine cleaning system tools using air brushes and oil per tool!
Complete closed machine,
Very small floor space!


In conclusion, ELM GROUP provides CNC milling solutions on 5 leading axes in Israel.

We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.